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Restoring Education for our Children's Future

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The last 2 years have turned our children’s world upside down, as well as ours as Parents! Between Covid measures being the forefront of our worries, we are also battling the public schools teaching Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter and other social justice programs to create a destructive divide in our schools. An Anti-American agenda has crept its way into our schools that must be eliminated.
My name is Katie Addis and I am running for Worcester County Board of Education District 6. With children as the ultimate focus, I plan on putting my efforts into:
  • Taking politics out of school: Back to basics with a Classical style approach to teaching
  • Making Masks and Vaccines a Family Choice
  • Ending Destructive CRT 
  • Promoting Trade Programs to Non-College Bound Students
  • Transparency of Board of Education meetings and funding
  • Teacher support in the classroom
  • Prepare future citizen leaders
I believe in a quality public education for all current and future students. This starts with keeping the State Board of Education out of local School Board decisions. Patriotic Americans must demand an end to the divisive indoctrination of our children or face a new American public, taught since childhood to hate our beautiful country and believe that it shouldn’t exist.
My family and I are ready to dedicate our time to the people of District 6 so that WE THE PEOPLE can make positive changes for the community that will impact the next generation of leaders. Please consider donating to further our cause of restoring a Pro-American agenda in our schools and preserving our children’s morals and ideals through teachings that will unify us instead of segregate us. The time is NOW to stand up against these destructive ideas! Please stand with me, for our children, and our future.



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I believe in the Classical style teaching approach of fundamental learning. Curriculum that focuses on "ready for life" such as Reading Comprehension, Writing, Arithmetic, English, Penmanship (including Cursive), Financial Literacy, True History and Patriotism for our Country should all be at the forefront of our curriculums in school. Our children should be taught that our United States Constitution is the Greatest Living Document ever made and The Pledge of Allegiance should not only be preserved, but revered. Books that promote violence of a non-historical nature, police brutality, segregation of any kind or sexual objectification have no place in our school library shelves.

Our schools are in a state of Crisis. Their actions have proven over time that they agree with the promotion of Critical Race Theory and other Social Justice programs. These programs ARE in our Worcester County schools and we need to stand up as a society and say Enough is Enough! Grants are funding our schools to promote segregation, empower young activists, recognize privilege and overall collective value. We are One Nation Under God. We believe in Opportunity NOT Outcomes. These are our American Ideals. "Anti-Racism" Theory, Transgenderism, Equity, Inclusion, and White Fragility among others, will not only cripple our youth, but will destroy our American way of life in the next generation of leaders. This type of divisive indoctrination does not lead us to a colorblind society. Instead, this leads us to a hyper-racial society. We need to be asking our current Board of Education Members why they are applying for and receiving grants that will erode our children's soul, spirit and character.

Masks are for those who are ill, not healthy. We do not have an obligation of having collective responsibility, nor do our children. When children wear masks they end up touching their faces more frequently, which could lead to infection. They also re-breathe particles that their lungs have exhaled. Additionally, the masks that children are wearing impede oxygen flow and aren’t porous enough to allow carbon dioxide to fully dissipate. All of these things decrease the body’s immune response. Forcing children to abide by measures that restrict their ability to move freely throughout society without discrimination is unconstitutional. Prohibiting children from entering or participating in taxpayer supported education (also known as a free and appropriate education) is unconstitutional.


The decision to wear a mask or take an experimental vaccine is a PERSONAL and FAMILY choice. I will fight to make sure our children can breathe freely, that kids can once again BE KIDS and show off their smiles, and that families can breathe easy knowing they will not be forced to vaccinate their child against their personal or religious views. We are raising our children in a time that they’re going to have to recover from when they’re older if we don’t stop the madness NOW.

The demand for skilled labor in America has never been higher. Unfortunately, there is a stigma in today's society that young Americans don't associate high pay and job security with trade schools. As opposed to a bachelor’s degree, a trade school certification often guarantees a job in the industry due to specialized learning, direct skills, and the growing demand for skilled labor. As trade industries continue to expand in 2022 and the skilled labor shortage reaches a critical point, it is important to highlight the value of trade schools and to show the skilled trades as an equally viable, well-paying career path.

Worcester County Board of Education prides themselves on having one of the best digital systems in place for students to learn. They advertise that the public is able to watch Live Stream sports events throughout the county. Yet, they can't seem to Live Stream the Board of Education meetings that take place once a month at the Board of Education Building. This is a problem. Currently, board meetings are held during the day, which is inconvenient for most parents due to work schedules. When I become a board member, I will fight to create transparency for parents and citizens of the county. I will propose night meetings at least every other month and will make sure parents have a way to access Live Stream or recorded meetings if they are unable to attend. Every parent has a voice. Every citizen of Worcester County has a voice- and it needs to be heard.  (UPDATE: DUE TO OUR PERSISTANCE, LIVESTREAM AND RECORDED VIDEO OF BOE MEETINGS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!) 

If we want our children to have the best education possible, we must start with supporting our teachers. The past two years have put an emotional, mental and physical strain on our teachers that needs to be modified. Reallocation of funding for teachers, additional aides and support from the administration are great places to start. Our teachers should not have to pay from their own pockets to purchase the supplies needed to teach their respective courses. We need to make sure our teachers have what they need to provide a safe and successful learning environment for our children. We also need to create an environment for teachers to feel comfortable to air grievances about issues taking place throughout their school days. The current climate for teacher transparency is tense because teachers don't feel supported by administration. When I become a board member, I will make time available every month for teachers to voice their opinions on issues without feeling scared of retribution to their positions and work climate. 

Citizenship is rare and unique. Immigrants going through the legal process to become a legal citizen must undergo rigorous study about policies, history and governmental structure of the country they hope to live in. Students who are already citizens often know very little about their own country compared to those who hope to move there. There is a large disconnect between the younger and older generations when it comes to civic duty, community involvement, etc. As students, the younger the age they take responsibility as citizens, the better. It’s important to teach about founding documents, knowing the sacrifices from people made before them, getting involved with the civic process, etc. Becoming involved with the civic process will help our students gain self-confidence and a sense of agency to the community they live in. Our society belongs to ALL of us. Students who are taught citizenship learn they are able to make a difference, no matter their age.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

 Thomas Jefferson

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