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Hi, I'm Katie

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Born and raised in the mid-west, I found my passion for childcare while attending the University of Iowa. I was lucky to get involved in a Non-Profit organization called Camp Adventure Youth Services where I was sent to different military installations all over the world to create Day-Camp programs for military children. In the height of the Iraq war, I was sent as a Counselor to Germany, Okinawa, Japan, Marshall Islands, and finally to South Korea where I was the Director of a 100-child camp and oversaw 10 counselors.

My husband and I moved back to Worcester County where my husband was born and raised at the end of 2010. I started working at Wicomico County Recreation and Parks as the Recreation Child Care Director. I oversaw afterschool programs and summer camps for Wicomico County until my first of three kids was born. At this time, I decided to stay home to raise my daughter and future sons.


As a mother of three young children, it was always in our family plan to have our children attend the Public Schools in Worcester County. When COVID hit, we had to reevaluate what was important to us and our family values. The 2020-2021 school year, I made the decision with my husband’s support to home school our children. We were against our children wearing masks for 8 hours a day and degrading their education. It should have been, and should currently be a family choice. It was a year of ups and downs and power struggles, but through it all, we overcame as a family. During the process of homeschooling with our home school curriculum, Classical Conversations, I learned a type of schooling that I was able to see firsthand, working for my kids. They were learning things that I knew were not being taught in public schools, and it made me start to question why.

These last few years of Covid quarantine has sent me on a path of learning for myself, and I feel empowered knowing that I am making a difference in education for my family. Speaking with many families in the area, I understand what is important. We share a lot of the same family values. In the end, I am seeking the Board of Education position to reevaluate the current curriculum to set our children on a path of critical thinking and understanding of the world around them. With the right curriculum, we will no longer teach our children that they are oppressed and victims. They will rise above challenges with a sense of pride and certainty because they will be given the correct tools to help them succeed in their environments after High School. I am fighting for every child in Worcester County as if they were my own children! Let's fight for our children together! 


America is currently suffering from Alzheimer's. We seem to have forgotten our identity. We can't seem to remember what came before us, and that creates confusion in our current Political and Moral climate. We need to remember and honor old things, for old things are full of wisdom that are true. We need to remember and honor the U.S. Constitution because it is the GREATEST political document ever written. The Constitution was not written for the times, it was written to stand the test of time.

I love my country, but right now, I'm not loving my Government. In today's political climate, if you dare say you don’t like your government, the media says that you’re unpatriotic. Questioning your government is one of the most patriotic things a citizenry can do. Never in American history have we seen our Government so disconnected from the people. This is what motivates me to run for school board. Together, we will take back the country.  This is not even about parties anymore. This is about right vs. wrong, truth vs. lies, and light vs. darkness. The United States Constitution starts with WE THE PEOPLE. They work for us- And I'll work for you!
I am doing my part to better educate myself on our Nation's history so I can proudly serve Worcester County Citizens. I will be updating this page as I complete more classes on our U.S. Constitution and other classes.  I have taken the 1776 Pledge to Save our Schools. We need to teach our students correct history to lead them down the path of Patriotism for their nation.
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