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On February 21, 2023, the Worcester County Board of Education UNANIMOUSLY voted to send a letter of opposition to the State for HB 119. Above are the presentation slides used by Tamera Mills. She made the case as to why we NEED the Comprehensive Framework in Worcester County schools. "What I hope to share with you [Board of Education] is a lot of the actual information that is in the bill, and hopefully dispel some myths around some misinformation concerning this bill."
Unfortunately, a few of the slides used were very deceiving to those who have not done their research.

COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations) had updated their health standards in December 2019.
D(2)(a) Maryland Family Life and Human Sexuality education shall represent all students regardless of ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
(D)(4)(a) Disease prevention updates; Family Life opt-out. No Disease Prevention opt-out.
Ms. Mills indicated these items aren't changing from 2019. However, just because we represent all students regardless of the following, does not mean we need to teach about the following- sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Slide 13, It was stated that the MD Comprehensive Health Framework was created by ‘Health Experts.’ Forgive me for not having complete faith in the ‘Health Experts ‘ after the last 3 years we all experienced. It was ‘Health Experts’ who said we need “2 weeks to flatten the curve”, “wear a mask” , “get the vaccine” , “stay 6 feet apart” because we were all “dangerous” if we chose a different health plan for our families.

Slide 14 is where the information becomes deceiving.

#3: Does this bill have anything to do with oral sex, anal sex, or vaginal sex? Ms. Mills indicates the BILL does not. I later indicate the BILL does not but the FRAMEWORK does and the BILL covers the FRAMEWORK so in a wraparound way, yes, it does. (pg. 34 Link Below)

#4? Does the bill require us to teach the sexual health unit at an earlier age? Ms. Mills indicates the BILL does not. The Framework, however, is teaching children from Pre-K and up about Gender Identity and Expression (pg. 29)

#5: Does this bill take away a parent’s right to opt their student out of sexual health? Ms. Mills indicates the Bill does not. However, the bill states Verbatim:
7-401 (c) 5.2
"The county board may not authorize a parent or guardian to opt the parent or guardian's student out of education relating to HIV and AID prevention."
Teachers will need to be very careful to cover these subjects without talking about oral, vaginal, or anal sex.

Also of concern Verbatim 7-401(c)5.3
"Each county board shall identify appropriate alternative learning objectives and measurable goals that meet state and local health education requirements for a student whose parent or guardian has elected to opt the student out of a particular topic under subparagraph (I) of this paragraph."
The way this bill reads, even if you opt your child out of the health framework, the school is still required to provide your child with health information that will meet the state and local health education requirements. So ask yourself, are you really able to opt your child out if they will still be given "health information"?

The standards and the framework have already been completed since 2021. Worcester County children have already been getting this framework since 2021. And to make matters even worse, the State Superintendent has already been recorded saying he will override local control of school boards even if the bill does not pass...

It really makes me wonder, whose side is the State Superintendent on? Why push this bill and framework down the throat of thousands of parents if it is not wanted? What is the purpose of local school boards if the State Superintendent is just going to flex his powers at the State?

The State Superintendent is showing what a TRUE TYRANT he really is.

Ask yourself these simple questions:
- Why is the school determining what "age-appropriate" is? Isn't that the parent's job?
- Why does it seem all recent education-oriented pieces of legislation aim to remove local control?
-Why is there such an emphasis on teaching "health" outside the standard Anatomy and Physiology of the human reproductive systems?
-As we've heard from board members in this meeting, we are supposed to "invest in the science" but how do we invest in "Science" that clearly defies the LAWS OF NATURE AND OF NATURE'S GOD [U.S. Declaration of Independence, 1776], that there are only 2 genders, MALE AND FEMALE. THAT IS SCIENCE. THE CHROMOSOMES DO NOT CHANGE JUST BECAUSE YOU IDENTIFY AS SOMETHING OTHER.

I support local control of government. I support the countless amount of parents, teachers and community members who DO NOT want this filth pushed on the children of Worcester County. This is crossing the line of Parental rights. Bottom line, I support and will ALWAYS fight for childhood innocence.

Every decision in life is hard... so choose your hard.
Keep Fighting. Make your voice heard.
Your District 6 Board of Education Representative, Katie Addis


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